Old Building but New HVAC Technology

I love being a part of reinvigorating dying neighborhoods.

It breaks my heart to see once proud communities reduced to decline and decay.

My career has been centered around bringing life back to communities that have struggled economically for decades. There are all sorts of opinions about restarting declining areas. But, I attempt to stay out of the politics of the thing. Instead, I just focus on bringing affordable housing to people by utilizing older structures. It is a lifelong pursuit and seeing a finished project brings me great joy. There are many facets to renovation an older structure to accommodate apartment living. One of the greatest challenges has been the HVAC component. Many years ago, the HVAC question could often derail an entire project. The costs could become insurmountable. However, we are far more fortunate these days. The choice of HVAC systems are wide and varied now. Technology came to the HVAC industry as well. The preferred method for our company is to utilize multi split HVAC systems. These HVAC systems have an automatic benefit right off the bat. The multi split HVAC units do not require any sort of duct work to heat or cool. In fact, most of our units only need one air handler to deliver all the heat and cooling necessary. The costs of this technology are offset by not having to hang ductwork throughout an entire structure. Each unit is individually controlled. All the multi split units are connected to a series of condenser units mounted outside discreetly. And, they are very energy efficient which further helps economically challenged renters. It has been a real boon to what we do.


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