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Is it just me, or do fast food places seem to be excessive with their air conditioner? Maybe, if you don’t live in the south or a particularly hot region, this may not even be an issue for you or you may not notice it.

However, I am sure that there are plenty of parts of the country where fast food places lower the thermostat a bit too much.

For example, at some of those places, you can’t beat the fries. When they’re hot, fresh, and crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, it’s a real treat. However, not even the best fries can stand up to a blasting air vent that eventually makes them cold. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only person that has ever experienced this unfortunate event. In some places, you practically have to woof down your fries to prevent the air vent above you from making them cold too fast. The same goes for a good burger too. Hey, I know it’s a first world problem if there ever was one, but it’s a problem nonetheless. I guess when it’s a hot day people will appreciate a good air conditioner in general. However, I’m willing to bet most people will say that it’s excessive in a lot of places. Then again, you can always get your food to go and set your air conditioner to whatever you want in your car. I guess in the end, all I’m saying is maybe turn down the A/C just a tad so that it’s not blasting onto your delicious food!

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