Finally getting a chance to go to the park with my dog

I have been waiting for a nice summer day to take my dog to the park. The day also had to be on a weekend. The problem is that the past couple weeks have been scorching hot outside. My dog is not a wimp, but even he will rush back inside to our air-conditioned home as soon as he is done with his business outside. From that, I can tell that he probably wouldn’t be too keen on a visit to the park in such sweltering weather. Instead, we have both been enjoying a cool and comfortable living room, just chilling out with each other. Well finally, a Saturday has come with a high of only 80 degrees and a lower humidity than average. That may still seem hot to some people, but it’s the best shot we’re going to have for a while! We jumped into the car and I started the engine and cranked up the AC. The car was still pretty hot, because it had been sitting for so long in the driveway directly under the sun. That air conditioner sure felt good, even if it was a bit more pleasant outside than it typically was. I can tell my dog appreciated the AC too, but he was also excited to visit the park. It had been a while since we took the trip, but he seemed to know exactly where we were going. We had a great time playing fetch and just hanging out. I got to talking to another dog enthusiast, which is always nice.

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