B&B Visit Made Great with Multi Split HVAC

I spent a career in the hotel business.

It was a very challenging career with lots of moving around the country involved.

But, the good part of that is I was able to explore our nation region by region. I also truly loved the very idea of hospitality. There is nothing better to me than making a guest more comfortable or adding to a good trip. I lived for those moments. Having shifted careers a bit, the hospitality thing is still center to my daily work. I now consult to B&B’s and full service Inns. The years of service in fine hotels gives me a unique perspective which I bring to my clients and their properties. One of the biggest issues I have noted through my consulting work is HVAC. Many B&B’s and Inns utilize old buildings or homes to accommodate guests. Owners will pour money into design and interior decor. Yet, they often pay little attention to heating and cooling. This seems a bit backward to me. I have had many otherwise enjoyable stays ruined by poor HVAC equipment. The idea that each room has to live with whatever temp setting the management has deemed is outdated thinking. No matter how cute and quaint a property is, if a guest can’t adjust their own temperature, you are failing as a proprietor. In most instances these HVAC problems can be easily fixed with either zoned controlled HVAC or multi split HVAC units. There simply is no excuse to not provide individual heating and cooling comfort to each and every guest. Otherwise, you might not have too many more guests.


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