We really love the HVAC company that is a little further away from us

My wife and I were planning this huge party with our family and friends.

  • We invited a bunch of people to the event, and we had pretty much everything ready to go.

We had all kinds of drinks and good food arranged to be delivered to our place. We had the in-ground swimming pool perfectly clean and ready to go. Everything seemed to be going according to plan until a few days before the event. That’s when our climate control system started experiencing issues. There was some major problem with the cooling system and this was going to be a disaster if we weren’t able to get the cooling system working properly. I called a bunch of HVAC companies but learned they were all too busy to come out at that time. Most places said it would be about a week to get an HVAC worker to fix our cooling system. This was entirely alarming to us because we needed to get this done before the party. I was even asking about emergency HVAC services but all the places I called said they couldn’t even do that. Eventually I got a hold of an HVAC company that was a little further away from us. When I told them about our situation, they said they could have an HVAC worker to our place the following day. When I asked them how much the emergency services would cost, they said I didn’t have to worry about paying for emergency services, it would be the regular rate. I was so happy about this and I told my wife. The HVAC worker was entirely nice and took care of everything without any hassle. By the time we had the party, the HVAC system was working flawlessly. I think we’re going to use that HVAC company for all our future HVAC maintenance.


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