When our girlfriend is comfortable

My girlfriend pointed something out about our favorite steakhouse that I had not even thought of before. While I regularly knew that this Chinese bistro had some of the greatest dishes I have ever tasted plus their versions of the classics that I have regularly enjoyed are even better, our girlfriend noticed how comfortable it was on her first visit, then she wasn’t just talking about the seating or the atmosphere, although she did compliment both. She said that it wasn’t too frigid for her nor was it too warm; You have to understand that this is a large compliment coming from our girlfriend. In our experience, I have taken her to various steakhouses plus she nearly regularly complains about the temperature. It’s regularly too frigid for her plus sporadically I entirely agree, however sporadically it’s a little too warm. Apparently, this 1 was a real keeper for her because she felt perfectly comfortable plus she enjoyed the food. I recognize this steakhouse is going to be a popular option for the both of us from now on. I would totally have no qualms about that, however it’s a bit extravagant! I almost wanted to go ask what the temperature was on the control equipment plus whether or not they control the humidity levels plus all that. If I took it that far, I was even curious enough to suppose what kind of Heating, Ventilation & A/C model it was, though of course it would be a commercial model. I sure hope the two of us can find more steakhouses that have fantastic food plus can replicate this environment!
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