Landlord won’t get back to me on the AC repair

My landlord is horrible about getting back to me when I call him.

I like to think I am not a renter that calls all of the time.

The only time I make that horrible phone call is when something in my house is really bad. I called the landlord about the roof leaking and it took the guy months to call a company. It’s his roof, so if the house is ruined, who cares? I then called about the dryer no longer working in the laundry room. The guy still has not gotten back to me. I thankfully was able to deduce the repair on my own. My newest one is that the air conditioning in my apartment is horrible. The cooling system hardly works. I set my thermostat as low as it can go, and I hardly feel the AC. I thought it was a dirty air filter, lack of refrigerant or a blocked condensate drain. I did all I could to deduce and fix the AC repair. Nope, I still have inferior AC. I finally called the landlord and he has still not done anything. I am dying in my apartment with poor air conditioning. Eventually bigger issues will stem from this. Without proper AC, moisture will be in the indoor air quality. The moisture then will allow mold to grow. The mold can damage the walls and ceilings. Again, it is not my house. The landlord putting off the AC repair is stupid. The cooling system will also get worse and worse the more he ignores it. No air conditioner repairs itself.


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