I need to find a babysitter

I had the money all ready and waiting for the HVAC contractor too

My HVAC contractor and I have a really good system going. Anytime something is wrong with my HVAC component, I send him a video. My HVAC professional watches it, deduces the repair and then comes to my home when he wants. This arrangement works out great for the two of us. I work from home, so the HVAC technician technically could come at any time that he wanted. But, I don’t have hours to babysit him. So I send videos of my HVAC equipment. This is so the HVAC repairman knows exactly what tools to bring and what the repair is. The most recent video I sent was of the outdoor air compressor with my AC system. The outdoor unit was making a loud, high pitch squealing noise. Within an hour of sending the video, the HVAC contractor knew the AC repair. He said that the fan motor belt had worn out. It would take him an hour to replace it and then he would be out of my hair. I told the guy to come over whenever and he did the job. I never had to leave my desk or take a second off work. The cooling repair went easy and smoothly. I had the money all ready and waiting for the HVAC contractor too. We really know how to quickly get a HVAC appointment done with. I like to think that the heater and ac professional charges me less since I am not a pain to deal with. It is a win win situation for the two of us.

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