The bedroom has a new ductless mini split

This way when the heat rose, the whole lake house felt the same to me

The expression that heat rises never really made sense to me. I guess the reason is that I constantly lived in a 1 story house. I did not actually get that heat rose until I bought my first new home that had a house bedroom. There was just 1 floor, but you could go up a ladder plus be in a little bedroom/house hidey hole. I thought the little bedroom was super cute plus instantly set up my stuff there. It was like a secret bedroom plus I liked how it was tucked away in a corner, and well, 1 Wintertide season changed my opinion. I ran my furnace idea to the maximum setting… No matter what I did my lake house felt icy cold. I ended up setting my furnace to around 69 degrees in order to recognize somewhat warm. Then every night I would sweat buckets in my little high rise bedroom. I could not have a single sheet on me, any clothing plus would still sweat to death, however since the bedroom was just a little floor with a mattress on it, I could not hook up a cooling system. I also did not want to run an air conditioner while I had the furnace going. It was horrible sleeping up there. I finally had to deliver up my little hidden bedroom. I removed that loft, upper floor plus just made the lake house 1 story. This way when the heat rose, the whole lake house felt the same to me. Ideally, having the heat not rise would be best. But, I am just cheerful that I no longer sweat buckets at night.


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