Air filters come in many shapes and sizes, but you have to measure accurately

When the company installed our new heat pump and AC unit, they didn’t tell us what size air filters to use in the machine.

The first time I received a message from the thermostat to change the air filter, I was ready to go quickly. I grabbed a screwdriver and removed the outer lid. I looked everywhere on the air filter, but I couldn’t find the size at all. I thought it was strange that the air filter didn’t have any writing, but I guess the HVAC insulation company must get them directly from the factory. I tried not to worry, and I grabbed a tape measure, pencil, and small pad of paper. I measure the air filter from one side to the other and back again. The measurements that I got were 21 in long by 20 in wide. I didn’t want to wait to order the part online, especially when the local hardware claimed to have 37 air filters. I jumped in the truck and drove directly to the store. I stopped to grab some lunch, but I made my way to the store in record time. I searched through the aisles, until I located the place where all of the home air filter supplies are kept. They had about 50 or 60 different types of air filters, and I had to search for several minutes, before locating my specific size. Luckily, the air filter was reasonably priced, and I was back home in no time. I placed the new air filter into the machine, and it almost disappeared. Somehow, I purchased the wrong size or measured in correctly, because the air filter was way too small.


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