Why is it so hard to repair a portable A/C unit?

You would think that since the window AC component is so much smaller than a central a/c unit, that it would supply you smaller problem.

You would also think that the smaller a/c component would be easier to fix.

I thought that it would not only be easier to fix, however that I should be able to repair the AC component on our own. When our AC component quit blowing the cool air I thought it should be blowing, our male ego set in. I looked at that AC component and thought to myself, how straight-forward it would be to tear it apart. It was severely easy to tear apart, it was the diagnosing that was hard. I had all of the part laying around the residing room, however I didn’t suppose where to put them back. I didn’t suppose how to test the parts, to see which 1 was malfunctioning. My neighbor was a Heating and Air Conditioning company and I asked him to come over to our house. He took 1 look at the jumbled pile of parts and he began to laugh. He asked me how much I had had to drink, which I didn’t take undoubtedly well. I told him the AC component was calling our name and daring me to repair it. He told me to sleep it off while he tried to make sense of the mess. Later that afternoon, he had the AC component back together, however the people I was with and I were taking it to the recycling center and going to buy a new AC unit.

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