We don't get the reasoning

There is something about Grandfathers that I just do not get! I am not sure if every Grandfather is this way, but our Grandfather really is! He is regularly willing to supply of his time to help his grandchildren.

I am the fifth of twenty-multiple grandchildren, in addition to somehow our Grandpa regularly finds time to help when I need him.

Most of the time, it is Heating in addition to Air Conditioning problems that I need help with. My partner is not new home certainly much due to his work, in addition to when he is home, I want him to be able to spend time with us, so I try to make sure any household repairs are taken care of. My Grandpa knows that our partner does not have a lot of time with us, so he calls me every week to ask if there is anything that he can help me with! Last week, I was having some problems with our gas furnace, so I called our Grandpa up in addition to asked if he could come take a look at it. Of course, he was over in just a couple hours looking into the issue. I was so thankful when he told me that I would not need a new gas furnace, and the gas furnace was just older in addition to needed some servicing. I tried to spend money for the parts, but our Grandpa would not let me. I asked him if I could at least take him out to dinner for doing so much work for me. He did come out with me, but he paid the bill before I got a choice to. He fixed our gas furnace for free! I swear I have the best Grandfather around!

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