The holes in the ductwork may need to be sealed

When my hubby plus I purchased an older home, I started looking into strange options for heating plus cooling, but the former owners had gotten by with space oil furnaces plus portable a/cs.

  • I wasn’t glad with the look of the cumbersome component plus electric cords, plus I absolutely wasn’t satisfied with the level of comfort; Every one of us were spending a fortune on energy bills plus yet chilly in the Winter plus covered in sweat in the summer, because of the age of the house, the walls are far too slimto accommodate conventional HVAC duct… Plus, the walls are constructed of the original plaster plus lath, and attempting to tear into the walls would cause a huge mess, labor-intensive project plus major expense.

I was legitimately frustrated by the heating plus cooling systems available plus distraught that we’d be stuck with inferior comfort forever. I finally called up a local Heating & A/C company, explained the problem plus asked for a recommendation, but he immediately started telling me about high velocity heating plus cooling. This type of plan utilizes legitimately slim, flexible mini-ducts that can be routed through existing walls plus around obstacles without disruption. The smaller ducts link to compact vents that are legitimately unobtrusive plus can be customized to match the decor. The plan works through a process called aspiration. A high velocity stream of heated or cooled air is supplied into the room, where it causes a gentle suction plus mixes legitimately hastily with the existing air. This results in especially consistent temperature, with no stratification between floor plus ceiling, plus a variation of only more than 2 degrees from the control component setting. The high velocity plan provides both heating plus cooling plus allowed us to setup zone control. Every one of us avoid maintaining empty rooms at the perfect temperature plus can target those rooms that tend to guess overheated or cold.
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