Cooling down in your car

I grew up in the North, however I recently moved South to obtain a new task. I am definitely used to all of the problems that the North can cause for a vehicle. In the North, you have to worry about the salt on the road. If you drive in the North for long enough, your car will eventually begin to rust, plus it will fall apart that way. When I lived in the North, I consistently made sure to buy our used vehicles in the South, because I didn’t trust the car, but however, the South is even worse. I have become so reliant on our cooling system because of the heat, then on an average afternoon, the dash of our car is nearly 120 degrees! Just love you men heat your cars on Wintertide afternoons, I have to cool our car down on Summer afternoons. The cooling system has to be in nearly perfect condition to survive in the South because rolling the windows down does not work. If you ever forget to turn your cooling system on, you can literally burn your hands on the steering wheel plus have to go to the hospital, nobody wants to have that happen after a long afternoon at work. In our car, the cooling system has to work extra hard because I have a black leather interior. Without the cooling system, our entire back would be sweaty. Thankfully, our heating system is never used in the South, so I don’t have to worry about that breaking down love in the North.

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