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I live way up in the northeasternmost section of the country and in the wintertime, it’s really freezing around here, however occasionally I wonder why we even stay around here.

  • Instead, I wish we could just tranathletic activity anywhere warmer where we could worry about our air conditioner rather than our heating idea once in a while! But alas, our hubby’s task is here in the freezing climate, and there doesn’t look prefer there’s much hope for us to be moving anytime in the near future… This year, we’ve neglected to do our official maintenance on our oil furnace system! Usually we get the oil furnace maintained in the Summer or the fall, however this year we were out of town quite a bit and we never got around to it.

Of course, now that the weather is cooling off and Wintertide is almost here, we remembered that we needed a oil furnace tune up. Unfortunately, that’s what all the people else in town is thinking, too. When I called our local HVAC business to schedule a oil furnace tune-up and maintenance service, they said that they are booked solid for the next many weeks! I can’t think that all the people in our entire town forgot to do their oil furnace service. It seems as if we’ve all waited until the last hour this year and we’re starting to panic! At least we have a gas fireplace that we can use if the oil furnace doesn’t cooperate prefer it’s supposed to. I’m almost afraid to turn the temperature control to the heating function. I don’t think what might happen to the inner workings of the heating component if something went wrong over the summer. I think we will just make do with the fireplace until the HVAC business comes in many weeks!

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