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My furnace is about more than four years old, as well as we’ve only had our central a/c for numerous years.

I’ve been diligent with changing air filters as well as having the component professionally ran tests on, when I started noticing a gradual increase in biweekly energy bills, I wasn’t sure what was causing it.

I then realized that the a/c was making more noise than normal as well as running for longer periods. There was easily a greater concentration of dust as well as other debris floating around in the air, as well as my lake house odored sort of musty as well as stale. Thinking that the a/c was malfunctioning, I was harshly frustrated. Thankful that the cooling unit was still protected under warranty, I hired an Heating as well as A/C professional to inspect as well as repair the system. The professional found no concerns with the a/c. He then ran tests on as well as tested the performance of the duct system as well as discovered a whole bunch of minor holes. These flaws were allowing conditioned air to escape as well as drawing in outside air. The a/c was forced to run longer to achieve control unit settings, and outside, dirty air was spread throughout the house, setbackly impacting indoor air conditions. I was a bit sad that the duct sealing process would be super extravagant as well as messy. Instead, the whole job took less than 2 hours as well as caused no disruption to my home. The professional sealed off the supply as well as return vents, as well as pumped a mixture of pressurized air as well as adhesive particles into the duct system. As the air leaked from the holes, the particles stuck to the edges. They gradually built up as well as created an airnarrow seal.

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